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The ACTG and IMPAACT Networks have repositories of well-characterized residual specimens from Network Clinical Trials that are available for study. Investigators may research specimens available for study by following the link to the repository website.

The Investigators would then submit a research proposal to the respective Network. Following careful review and based on the Scientific Merit and the ability to carry out the proposed study, the use of the specimens would be approved.

Explore the Repositories

How to Search for Samples


AIDS Clinical Trials Group

After searching for available ACTG specimens, use the ACTG Proposal System to submit a New Works Concept Sheet (NWCS).


International Maternal Pediatric Adolescent AIDS Clinical Trial

The search will generate a report that can be saved and used to complete a New Works Concept Sheet (NWCS), the mechanism by which samples are requested for use and review by the IMPAACT Network. The NWCS form is available on the IMPAACT website under Submit a Proposal.