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Frequently Asked Questions

1. MiLab Central Account

How do I access MiLab?

You can access MiLab through the “Log in to MiLab” button at the top-right of the Laboratory Center (LC) website. You can also navigate to using the following supported browsers: Chrome, Safari, and Edge. You will need to create an account to log in to MiLab.

How do I get a MiLab Central account?

View this video: Introduction to MiLab Central

How do I request additional Site users in MiLab?

View this video: How to Request a New MiLab User

My temporary MiLab password has expired. What do I do?

If your temporary password has expired, please contact your Protocol Lab Center Specialist to have a new temporary password generated. As a reminder, temporary passwords are only valid for 72 hours.

What are the features of a Site MiLab User Account?

View this video: An Introduction to a Site MiLab User Account

Where do I find my MiLab temporary password?

Your MiLab temporary password will be sent from, which is an automated and unmonitored email account. If you have not received MiLab account credentials within 48 hours, we recommend checking your junk folder to ensure that your server did not categorize any network emails as “spam” or “junk”. If you are still having trouble, please reach out to your Protocol Lab Center Specialist. Please be aware that replies to this email address will not be received.

Who do I contact if I have issues while using MiLab?

If you have issues while using MiLab, please contact your Protocol Lab Center Specialist.

2. Protocol Analyte List (PAL)

Do I have to complete all rows on the PAL?

You do not have to fill out ALL rows on the PAL; only complete the details for the tests your lab will support during the study. Your PAL will list all the potential testing options that can be used to fulfill the testing requirements; only complete the options/combination of testing your lab will be using. The rows for any test option not being performed must be completed as N/A (i.e., “Not Applicable”). Note: MiLab will flag blank or empty rows as missing information and prevent submission of the MiPAL.

Example: If your protocol states that you need to perform pregnancy testing and does not specify whether the pregnancy testing needs to be hCG Urine, serum quant,etc., the PAL will list ALL options and you will fill out whichever method you would like to use to perform pregnancy testing. The other rows should be completed as “N/A”.

Do I need to complete Primary and Backup Testing for all analytes?

Yes, users are required to provide both Primary and Backup Testing information for most analytes.


  • Anti-HIV-1/2 rapid tests can be performed using other methods such as Enzyme Immunoassay (EIA) or Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) listed on HIV algorithm as backup.
  • hCG urine can also use hCG serum method as backup.

How do you add a new instrument or method to the laboratory inventory?

View this video: How to Add a New Instrument or Method to Inventory

What is the purpose of a MiPAL?

View this video: What is a MiPAL?

Who can fill out instrument and test method details within a Protocol Analyte List (PAL)?

The PAL instrument and test method details that correspond to their designated lab should only be completed by that Lab’s staff, not the site staff.

Additionally, a lab cannot complete instrument and test method details on behalf of other labs that they are not affiliated with. Example: Lab A would not be able to enter backup information on the PAL for Lab B.

3. Domestic Analyte List (DAL)

I have a CLIA waiver certificate for the Point of Care testing. What do I upload for the CAP or equivalent field?

The CAP field will not be required if the document uploaded for the CLIA field is a CLIA waiver.

What is the process to complete and submit my DAL?

View this video: How to Complete a DAL

4. Miscellaneous

An analyte in our lab is not currently being monitored by pSMILE, but we have run EQA proficiency testing at the lab.  Can we use those results to meet the satisfactory EQA requirements for laboratory activation?

pSMILE, in consultation with the Lab Center, will need to determine if the EQA is acceptable for network study purposes. If acceptable, pSMILE will work with the lab and proficiency testing (PT) provider to be granted access to the PT results for oversight and monitoring.

Do I need to finish my PAL/DAL in a single session?

The PAL/DAL does not need to be completed in one session. You can enter or leave the PAL/DAL as many times as needed until it is complete and submitted to the Lab Center. There is also a convenient feature to add or view free-text notes that can be used to assist in the completion or review of the PAL/DAL.

How do I submit a Validation in MiLab?

View this video: How to Submit a Validation in MiLab

How do I upload and access supporting documents on MiLab?

View this video: How to Upload and Access Supporting Documents

What do I do if my instrument listed on my PAL/DAL has broken down or my testing reagent/supply being used for the ACTG/IMPAACT network is out of stock?

You must notify your Primary Network Lab (PNL) and ACTG/IMPAACT immediately. Please inform the PNL and ACTG/IMPAACT the following:

  • Your back-up option(s) are listed on the PALs/DALs
  • The expected date to start testing with the backup testing kit/supply or instrument.
  • The expected date to resume testing with the original testing kit/supply or instrument.

Where do we find the specific processing instructions for laboratory samples for our protocols?

Please refer to the Laboratory Processing Chart (LPC) of your specific ACTG/IMPAACT protocol.

Who can upload a lab’s supporting documents to MiLab?

A lab must upload its own supporting documents to the database. A Lab Center Representative cannot upload documents on behalf of the lab. Please do not send supporting documents to the Lab Center via email.

5. Permits, Certificates, and Manuals

Where can I find JHU CLIA Certificates?

Where can I find Monogram CLIA Certificate?

Where can I find the BRI CDC Import Permit?

You can view it here: BRI CDC Import Permit

Where can I find the Leukopak PBMC SOP?

You can view it here: Leukopak PBMC Processing Standard Operating Procedure

Where can I find UW CLIA Certificates?

General Inquiries

For any questions, please contact the Laboratory Center Representative on your protocol

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