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Edmund Capparelli, PharmD

Pharmacology Specialty Lab Co-Director

Dr. Capparelli specializes in pharmacometrics – the use of mechanistically based mathematical models to describe the time course of drugs in the body (PK-pharmacokinetic models), the effects that drug concentrations have their targets in the body (PD-pharmacodynamic models); and overall impact of drug effects have on disease and symptoms (DZ- disease models).  A major emphasis of Dr. Capparelli’s research has been to understand developmental, genetic, environmental and other factors that lead to PK and PD differences in infants, children and adults.  His works includes novel approaches to therapies for infectious diseases including mono-clonal antibodies and long-acting formulations.  In particularly. Dr Capparelli has designed and performed numerous international studies for the prevention and treatment of HIV infection and its complications in infants and children.