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Sara Zabih, MS

QA/QC Officer, ACTG and IMPAACT Lab Center

Sara Zabih, MS, currently serves as the Quality Assurance/Quality Control Officer for the ACTG and IMPAACT Laboratory Center. Sara obtained her Master’s degree in Molecular Biology and has worked in the Infectious Disease and Molecular Diagnostic Laboratory, focusing on Microbiome and the transmission of HIV through breast milk from mother to child. She has been a Laboratory Specialist/Project Manager with the Laboratory Center since 2018, providing support to both ACTG and IMPAACT Network studies. As a QA/QC Officer at the IMPAACT/ACTG Lab Center, Sara plays a critical role in maintaining the highest standards of laboratory quality and performance. Her commitment to accuracy and reliability in laboratory testing has been instrumental in upholding the highest standards of scientific rigor in laboratory practices.