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UAB Pharmacology Specialty Laboratory

Edward Acosta, PharmD

Pharmacology Specialty Lab Director

Dr. Acosta is Director of the UAB Division of Clinical Pharmacology and the Antiviral Pharmacology Laboratory, which focuses on antiviral assay development and pharmacometrics. He is Director of the PK/PD Core Laboratory, Principal Investigator of the pediatric IMPAACT Pharmacology Specialty Laboratory, and pharmacologist for the NIH/NIAID contract Targeted Clinical Research to Address Select Viral Infections. Dr. Acosta's laboratory is in compliance with the current FDA Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) Regulations and Laboratory Standard Operating Procedures. The laboratory routinely participates in regulated pediatric clinical trials for new and supplemental drug indications, and has developed LC/MS/MS assays to quantitate many small molecules including most currently available antiviral drugs in plasma and multiple other matrices. The laboratory has the expertise to conduct noncompartmental pharmacokinetic analyses and applying complex state-of-the-art individual and population pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic models to concentration-time and -response data. Our laboratory has considerable experience in designing, conducting, and analyzing data from regulated Phase I-II trials in order to determine optimal doses, dosing schedules, and linking activity to drug exposure.
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UAB Pharmacology Specialty Laboratory

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Pharmacometrics, mass spectrometry, antivirals, antiretrovirals, pediatrics