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Do I have to complete all rows on the PAL?

You do not have to fill out ALL rows on the PAL; only complete the details for the tests your lab will support during the study. Your PAL will list all the potential testing options that can be used to fulfill the testing requirements; only complete the options/combination of testing your lab will be using. The rows for any test option not being performed must be completed as N/A (i.e., “Not Applicable”). Note: MiLab will flag blank or empty rows as missing information and prevent submission of the MiPAL. Example: If your protocol states that you need to perform pregnancy testing and does not specify whether the pregnancy testing needs to be hCG Urine, serum quant,etc., the PAL will list ALL options and you will fill out whichever method you would like to use to perform pregnancy testing. The other rows should be completed as “N/A”.